Unveiling Excellence

A Sneak Peek into Our Portfolio...

Urban Foods - Dubai

Farmhouse - Dubai

VOICE International Studio - Dubai

Local Cafe - Abu Dhabi

Number 10 - BRED - Abu Dhabi

The Perfect Blend - Dubai

Kids Cars - Abu Dhabi

Visa Affix - Dubai

We listen, CAPE creates, you enjoy.

Our mission is to reshape office realms, unearthing limitless potential. As Cape Interiors & Architecture, we unite design and construction to craft spaces that captivate the eye and catalyse peak performance, be it through fit-outs, design, or workspace renewal. We explore a domain where form and function fuse, unleashing innovation and endless possibility.


Hudaiba Awards Building

Tower C, Jumeriah 1

Dubai, U.A.E


+971 (0) 58 589 0147


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